The infamous « Guitar Craft » tuning (or « new standard tuning ») as devised by Robert Fripp.

This is actually the first time ever I try out this tuning.


And it is actually a friendly tuning! Watch for yourself…

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2 réflexions sur “CGDAEG

  1. john....made a balls of the tuning... dit :

    hey man??
    yeah i tried it…
    been playin guitar for well over two years…
    progressed quite a bit..
    and it has to be the most unique and unuasl tunings ever!
    it rocks!!
    but one thing…
    every time i tried it my (on normal standard tuning my « A » string which sholud be »G » in your method keeps snaping….
    and i usaly cant seen to find « C » either???
    help me please

  2. Hello John,

    I’ve been playing for 20 years now. Keep playing! Here’s how you have to tune it. Tune to standard tuning first, that will help. I suggest that you use a piano to help yourself or an electronic tuner.

    When you’re tuned, take the low E string and tune down to C, take the low A string DOWN (not up!) to G, keep the D string as it is, take the G string UP to A, take the B string up to E and take the high E string up to G.

    You’re now ready!


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