Article intéressant sur le blogue corporatif de Gibson

L’article de Michael Leonard, sur le blogue corporatif de Gibson, s’intitule « Alt. tunings: Who uses what?« .


String gauges and alternate tunings

I’ve never given much thoughts to fine tuning string gauges for different tunings. Admittedly, this aspect of alternate tunings has to be addressed sooner or later in order to keep the guitar in good shape.

I found this article which covers basic points in regards to string gauges in an alternate tuning context:

Identifying a chord in a given tuning

I just found a nice online tool that gives possible names to a given chord. Of course we all know that without proper harmonic context, it can be difficult to properly identify any given chord. However, the tool provides a good starting point.

The tool is called « Chorderator Chord Generator« .

Just click on the button « More options » to access the alt. tuning field