Qu’est-ce que c’est cette invention?

Une nouvelle compagnie appelée Evertune s’apprête à mettre sur le marché un nouveau type de pont de guitare qui, avec l’aide un mécanisme (rien d’électronique),  garde une guitare accordée en permanence.

L’invention ne permet pas d’avoir accès à des accords ouverts plus rapidement. Le site web indique que l’invention permet d’accorder la guitare de n’importe quelle façon et celle-ci conservera son accord jusqu’à ce qu’on décide de l’accorder différemment:

EverTune is based on simple mechanical principles. The EverTune bridge feeds your guitar strings into an adaptive spring-tensioner inside the guitar body.

As each string or tuner posts loosens, the springs compensate, maintaining exactly the tension you set the first time you tuned the guitar, no matter how hard or how often you play.

You’ll never again have to re-tune your guitar…unless you want to! Prefer alternative tunings? Easy! Tune or re-string your EverTune just like a regular guitar. Want to bend your notes? You can do that too! With EverTune, you are in control!

Je suis très curieux de voir comment ça fonctionne et j’ai hâte de voir les démos sur Youtube.



The Morpheus DropTune

Hey wow! Another gadget to handle alt. tunings! Well not exactly…

This gadget, the Morpheus DropTune, allows you to downtune your current tuning. So if you’re in DADGAD, the DropTune allows you to go instantly to CGCFGC and so on. Cool in its own right but I’m not overly impressed by the tone produced. It’s digitized modelling after all. Anyway, it might come handy in some cases…

Here’s a demonstration of the DropTune:

Alt. tuning gadget

I can’t decide if I like this gadget or if it is ridiculously over the top. This will not help you play better. I’m not even sure it will help you understand alt. tunings better. However, the construction looks solid and it’s actually beautiful, as a trophy to hang on the chimney over the mantelpiece.

I’m not putting down the invention because I might well decide to buy it sometimes.

See for your yourself:

Here’s the company link: Chordstar

First tryout of the Varichord capo

As expected, no particular difficulties in writing new music with this beautiful tool. However, a notation system is required in order to properly archive and reference how the capo is set-up for a particular song. Here’s what I’ve come up with: string #: fret #

For this first tryout, I’m using:







Here’s the video:

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Gibson robot acoustic guitar prototype

Excerpt from Gibson’s Lifestyle blog:

« I could see a magnetic pickup in the “neck” position and there’s a Piezo underneath the bridge. A stereo jack carries both outs on a stereo cable, like the Dark Fire. There are three three banks of tuning, but the inventors are toying with the idea of adding yet another bank, as alternate tunings are so popular with acoustic guitars…although too much of a good thing can indeed be too much, so that decision remains to be made.«